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Team Bamba

We bring the best of LIVE Brazilian Entertainment to your events. From corporate to private functions, our drummers, dancers and Capoeira acrobats will bring your audience to the edge of their seats, every time!



Make your venue stand out in Toronto’s booming nightlife with our drummers, dancers and acrobats.


A great option for a fun and lively couple, making this an unforgettable night for you and all your guests.


With so much going on in Toronto, you want to make sure you bring the best and most unique shows Toronto has to offer!


Perfect mix of professionalism and entertainment that will resonate with your guests for a lifetime!


How do you keep children excited about learning? Engage them with our interactive and FUN performances!


Deliver your message with an exciting performance of acrobatics, dance, martial arts and drums.

Why Team Bamba?

The WOW factor!

Capoeira, Samba and Live Drummers together are sure to captivate your audience. From the first beat of the drum, their heads will be turning looking for the action!

budget friendly

Our performances can range greatly in price depending on the impact you are loking for. For smaller events, a 2 person show will get your audience excited and on their feet. For bigger events, we provide 20+ performers for a truly memorable Brazilian Carnaval experience.


Brazil is rich in culture! We provide everything from the mainstream carnaval drumming and dances you see on TV, to smaller & regional cultural folclore dances, educational school shows and more.

proven track record

We are Toronto's only established Capoeira Academy and longest running team with 18 years of classes and performances in Toronto and surrounding cities. We are the 7x Award Winner for TOP Capoeira Academy in the G.T.A.

passionate team

Our Team trains extensively in order to qualify as a performer and provide the most authentic experience to our clients. Only the ones who are truly passionate and love to entertain make it through this process.

unparralled energy

Brazilians are always smiling and always happy. Maybe its the sun, maybe the Caipirinha... but one thing is for sure, the beat of the drum is felt by everyone, Brazilian or not!

What our Clients are saying...


We Are Bamba!

Experience our LIVE Show!


Corporate Event


The perfect mix of professionalism and entertainment can be hard to achieve. That is why we offer customizable performances and unparalleled professionalism in our field. No matter your audience, our Brazilian theme is sure to spice things up and break the ice with your guests, ensuring a successful and memorable event that will resonate with your guests for a lifetime!

Why us?

While choosing the entertainment for your special event may not be at the top of your priority, we strongly believe it can be one of the most impactful decisions you make. Let’s face it, some events may run for a long period of time and keeping your audience excited and engaged is crucial to the event’s success. Our goal is not only to provide an exciting and highly entertaining performance, but to also keep you at easy during the hiring and decision making process. We are no more than a phone call or email away and will work with you from beginning to end to ensure your vision is met.


Wedding Entertainment


We know how special, yet hectic your wedding can be. Our wedding packages summarize your big day with an exciting and fun performance that all your guests will love and cherish forever!

Why us?

Your big day deserves nothin less than an unforgettable and jaw-dropping performance. We help you celebrate this special moment with nothing less than the best live band, drummers, dancers and acrobats you can get! Besides great entertainment, we are just a phone call or email away, and will work with you to make your night run as smooth as possible.


PanAm Food Festival


Toronto is a great city for festivals all year long, but especially in the summer. With so much going on, you want to make sure your event stands out. With our unique performances, you can be sure that your event bring the best Toronto has to offer!

Why us?

The GTA is notorious for it’s amazing summer and winter festivals. With so much going on, our refreshing, colorful and fun performances offer something for everyone! Brazilian themed performances are in high demand all over the world and finding a professional, yet highly qualified group has become a challenge. With us, you can rest assured you will be getting the best of both worlds… and your audience will thank you!


Rebel Nightclub - Toronto


Toronto’s vibrant nightlife attracts a young, hip and diverse crowd. Keeping things new and exciting is amongst the top priorities of club owners.

Why us?

As Toronto’s nightlife explodes with new competition, entertaining and exceding their patrons expectations becomes more and more important each day for nightclub owners. Our nightclub packages offer a unique experience for your clientele, adding to their overall experience and enjoyment of your venue.


Elementary School Show


With schools facing a bigger challenge of keeping their students excited and engaged, it’s important to give them something to look forward to. Our regular performances across Ontario schools have proven to be a success. This is the perfect mix of entertainment and education. We have 2 options for this; our Black History Play and our Afro-Brazilian Music and Dance showcase. In both, we bring to you the rich history of Brazil through dances, music, storytelling, acrobatics and martial-arts. Performances can include audience interaction and short workshop.

Why us?

Kids love what we do… and schools have been using that as leverage to keep their students engaged and excited about learning. Making school a fun experience for children is essential to their learning and growth, and we do just that! Our 45-minute school performances are interactive, educational and most importantly, FUN!

Ask us about our 1-hour workshops to schools and camps across the GTA.


Masters of the City - CBC

TV & Film

We’ve heard before:
“It’s impossible not to jump out of your seat when seeing high level Capoeira players coming within inches of each other with their fast and poweful kicks and flips”. And “You just cant’t help but to move your body when you hear Samba drummers and see the beautiful Samba dancers”.

Why us?

We’ve been bringing all this excitement to the big screen for over a decade, with highly qualified professionals specializing in Capoeira, Samba (Dancers and Drummers) and Maculele (Machete warrior Dance).